Modern medicine would have been impossible without laboratory testing. To detect gravity or absence of disease is the work of a group of specialist in various fields.

 The laboratory is an important member of this team. A large part of a patient’s medical record consists of laboratory results. These results are of vital importance to diagnosis and treatment of the disease or infection offer the test results indicate a disease in the early stages when it is still possible to treat at a relatively low cost.

 We do routine lab tests in addition to all special and advanced tests especially hormones, immunology, electrophoresis, vitamins, Drugs, mollecular biology and cytogentic

 Alkarim Laboratory... More Than results

Al Karim Medical Laboratory


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1st Floor, Sobhe Alsen Bldg
Dr.Ghassan Hammoud Str
Saida, Saida
P: +9617755273
M: +9613170065


7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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